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When you use the services of a company such as Drain Right Gutters & Roofing, you can be rest assured that they will take care of all aspects of installing a roof. The types of services offered are roof installation, repairs, replacements, damage prevention, inspections, and energy saving modifications.

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Commercial roofing is done differently than residential roofing. You will need a commercial roofer to get the job done properly. Not just any roofer but someone who has a lot of experience.


Homes in places like Brooks, Newnan, Peachtree City, and Fayetteville, GA have several needs for expert gutter installation service. These needs range from practical structural needs, to home aesthetics.


Drain Right Gutter & Roofing, a company with service locations in Brooks, Fayetteville and Griffin GA, as well as Newnan and Peachtree City, builds, installs and repairs gutters and roofs.

DRG Roofing & Gutters

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DRG Roofing & Gutters has been serving builders and homeowners in Metro Atlanta, Georgia and throughout the nation for over 25 years.

While most roofing companies only chase storms, DRG Roofing & Gutters is built around a vast network of general contractors and homeowners. This business model allows us to use the same installation crews throughout the entire year, increasing the quality of the workmanship we can provide to our customers.

DRG Roofing & Gutters also maintains consistent relationships with local suppliers to ensure that we always have a supply of roofing materials, even during the height of the storm season. So while some roofers are waiting months for their materials to arrive, we can fill the same order in just a few days.

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* Quick and complete installation assurance.

* Capacity testing and measuring.

* Ensuring proper drainage angles.

* The availability of safe equipment.

* Access to supply and design choices.

* Seasonal service guarantees.

* Excellent installation that increases building value.


Our home in Peachtree City GA  roof was damaged by hail and stared to leak as a result. Drain Right Roofing company did an amazing job with taking care of the entire process…they even worked closely with our insurance company, to make sure everthing was covered. 

Ronnie Tate.

We wanted a metal roof on our ranch home and was a little confused about what we needed. Drain Right did an excellent job explaining what we needed and got the job done quicker than expected. 

Tonya Carr.

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