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Although some roof leaks can be obvious, there are some that can be harder to identify. If you notice damaged shingles, shingles that are missing granules, damaged siding, or faint dripping sounds in your attack, it could be a warning sign that you have leak in your roof.

If your roof is leaking, it can be hazardous to the home and its occupants. At the first sign of a roof leak, it is crucial to call a roofing professional to have the issue addressed. If your roof is leaking in any way, it could lead to structural damage, but this can be avoided when roof repair is handled in a timely manner.


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When a roof is leaking, it allows moisture to enter the home. If left untreated, it can lead to mold and mildew growth. There are some types of mold that can start to spread within 24hours of when it forms. Mold can enter your HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Cooling) System, which can cause it to spread in the indoor air. As a result, it could lead to numerous health problems.

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, mold can lead to serious health problems, which can include:
Breathing problems;
Nasal congestion;

Failure to seek out roof repair for a leak can lead to excess moisture in the home. This can also cause mold to develop on furniture, clothing, and carpets. When mold develops on any of these places, it can be costly to get it removed.

Fire Hazard

When a home’s electrical wiring is housed in the ceiling or attic, water that enters from a leak could be a fire hazard because of shorted wires. If you notice water in your attic, it is best to cut the electricity to that area until it can be inspected.

Damage to Your Home

A leaking roof can cause damage to the wall framing, rafters, ceiling joints, and fascia boards. When a leak is left untreated, it can also cause the wood to warp or deteriorate, which can be expensive to repair. If water reaches the walls, then it could also be costly to repair.

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The best way to prevent a roof from leaking is to inspect it regularly, and it is also recommended to check your roof after a storm to see if there is any damage to the roof that would permit water from entering your home. A roof replacement expert can determine what kind of repairs need to be done to prevent damage to your home.

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