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We all need a roof over our heads. Roofs develop problems as they age. The decisive factor is the material used and the professionalism of the company installing it. Roofs should last around 25 years; some roofs will start problems earlier. Poorly installed roofs can develop issues soon after installation. Here are the common types of roofs and typical problems associated with them.

Asphalt Roofmissing or loose nails; buckling, curving, corroded and cracked shingles, and missing shinglesRoofing Services, gutters services, roofing installation

Metal Roofing: problematic seams, loose or missing fasteners, flashing, and leaks

Tiled Roof: damaged underlayment, cracked, broken, sliding or corroded tiles, missing tiles

Flat Commercial Roof: cracks, damaged joints, and loose fasteners

Roof damage can be destructive if left unattended. It can allow moisture inside the house, which can encourage the growth of mold. It can also let in precipitation inside the house causing untold damage and destruction.

To keep your valuables safe, you need to do the following often.

Roof cleaning

You have to look out for vulnerabilities when cleaning. If you don’t know where to look, we can always help. V-shaped valleys and gutters are the most vulnerable points. Damaged or clogged drains should be cleaned, unclogged, and reset to ensure that the water flows smoothly.

Regular roof inspection

Most people wait until there is visible damage to the roof. They wait until a shingle falls off before they can act. That is not the way to improve the lifespan of your roof. Roof inspections should happen periodically—at least once every year.

Some roof damages are not visible. They can take a long time before they are detected. By the time you notice them, the destruction will have been extensive. A proper inspection will look at the overall integrity of the roof from the gutters to the attic.

Repair damaged Roof McDonough Ga

You will need a local roof repair company serving McDonough GA. Roof repair has to be done as soon as possible. As the roof deteriorates over time, the costlier it gets. Shingle repair, damaged shingle replacement, fastening of loose roofing materials, and resetting sliding materials are some of the services that a professional can offer.

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If the damage is extensive, a roof repair is not sufficient. You may need a new roof. You can add a new layer of roofing material to the existing one or redo the whole roof again. The former is always cheaper. However, you will need to do some repair on the existing one to ensure that all leaks and vulnerabilities are fixed.

A new roof has its advantages as mentioned below.

  • It improves your home’s curb appeal
  • It adds value to your house
  • You will take some time before you have any repair or maintenance issues
  • Helps you get reasonable premiums from your insurer

Shingle repair and damaged shingle replacement are some of the most popular services. Some parts of the roof are more vulnerable than others are. If you have any problem with your roof, call a local roof repair company serving McDonough GA.

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