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Signs You Need a Roof Repair Sharpsburg GA

Prevention Is Key

It’s easy to overlook the roof maintenance. Unless you actually notice that your ceiling is leaking, then you may not realize just how damaged your roof actually is. In order to encourage roof leak prevention, you should have Drain Right Gutters and Roofing handle your Roof Repair Sharpsburg GA.  They can inspect your roof to determine if it requires roof repair and tell you right off the bat the state and health of your roof. Roofing installation, roofing service Peachtree City , roof repairs

Some of the signs that your roof needs a little tender love and care can be difficult to spot at first. A professional team that handles local roof repair in Sharpsburg Ga. Give us a call immediately to keep you from the consequences of having a damaged roof. Here are some of the signs that they’ll be looking for to determine if your roof needs repair.

1. Warped Shingles

The most obvious sign that roof repair is required for your home is the presence of warped shingles. These are shingles that have either been ripped off of the support below it or have managed to allow water beneath the shingle. If water manages to get beneath the shingle, it can eat away at the adhesive beneath it and start to make the shingles buckle and warp. With their warping, unfortunately, it leaves the area below it open to the elements. This could lead to leakage and as such, one of the best ways to promote roof leak prevention is to take care of those damaged shingles as soon as possible.

2. Missing Granules

Another indication that your roof is in need of a repair is if the granules that rest on top of the shingles have worn off. They serve to protect the shingle from the harsh rays of the sun and rain. Over time, they are removed. Once the granules have entirely been removed, the shingles are left directly exposed to the elements. This can quickly reduce the health of the shingle, and so if you notice granules on the ground around your home or in your gutter, it’s a good sign that it’s time for your roof to be required.

3. Water Damage 

The most serious sign that you need a roof repaired is if there’s water damage in your attic. Signs of the presence of water is a direct link to a leaking roof. Because too much water damage can seriously damage your attic–and thus your house below it–having a professional inspect your roof is crucial. Mold and mildew could grow in the attic and spread through the rest of the home, impacting the health of your family. In addition, the water can rot away the wooden structures and lead to damage.

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